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Municipal Webcasts

Accessible Democracy

Municipal Webcasts of Live meetings are growing in number, simultaneously with a Broadcast or as an exclusive delivery system. Displayed on computers, mobiles and tablets, Municipal Webcasts put government within the grasp of citizens, government personnel and professionals and keeps them informed for their participation in the government process.

A Captioned Webcast further ensures government transparency and its reach to all citizens. Archiving Webcasts preserves the government process.


Affordable and Powerful

Communiqué has a solution for small and medium-sized programs seeking Webcasting and archival services that meet their bottom line and provide dynamic information.

Live and On Demand Municipal Webcasts are offered with reductions to annual subscriptions, and no fees for hardware, setups, licensing, training, support, maintenance and displaying Captions. Video and Text archives, time-stamped per item, serve up searches in a user-friendly interface. And, no app is required for modern mobile.

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