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New Systems

What do we need?

Communiqué has been answering that question for two decades.

We start with a review of your current and upcoming Video and telephony formats, and your Broadcast and Webcast delivery. From that information, we configure the appropriate Caption System for integration into the Video Production facility.

Recommended hardware is presented with pricing rivaling distributor costs.

The Caption System

The Audio Feed and the Caption Encoder

During Live provision, the remote Captioner listens to the real-time audio of an event over an Audio Feed.

The Captioner instantly creates and sends Captions of the event’s speech and sounds to a remote Caption Encoder. The Encoder embeds the Captions into the event’s Video and outputs the Captioned Video to either a Broadcast, a Webcast or both.

System Upgrades

In step with
changing technology

Communiqué ensures existing Caption Systems are upgraded to respond to changes in technology with the same cost efficiency as new systems.

Upgrades would include addressing new Video and telephony formats, streaming launches and Encoder conversions from problematic modem connectivity to a stable, secure Internet Protocol (IP) connection.

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