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Caption Standards
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The Standards

For integrity in provision

The FCC‘s 4 standards for effective Live Captioning are: Accuracy, Synchronicity with speech and sounds, Complete Content; and, Proper Caption Placement to prevent Captions from covering faces and important on-screen information.

Caption Placement is determined by Communiqué with Video Production prior to first provision. The final 3 standards – Accuracy, Synchronicity and Completeness – are in the skilled hands of Communiqué Captioners who have been prepped with embargoed, pre-project content per the FCC’s Operational Best Practice.

Best Practices

For outstanding operation

The FCC’s Operational Best Practices primarily address Captioning technology. Audio Feeds must deliver high, realtime quality for Caption Accuracy, Synchronicity and Complete Content.

Captioning software and hardware must be maintained to prevent Caption loss. And, Technical Support must be timely in responding to any issue. Communiqué strictly follows these Best Practices in its hardware consultation and Technical Support.

The non-technical Best Practice of Captioner Preparation Materials supports FCC Standards for Accuracy, Synchronicity and Complete Content.

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