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On Air and On the Internet
Unsurpassed Accuracy
Live Provision to Transcript

Live Captioning

Within seconds… Live Captions create a text echo of speech and sounds

The remote Captioner creates Captions from an Audio Feed of the Live Program. As the Captions are created, they are sent to a Caption Encoder that embeds the Captions into a Broadcast, Webcast or both simultaneously.

Over two decades, Communiqué has carved a niche in Live Captioning for Government, Disability organizations, Research Institutes and Corporations. The Accuracy of our Live provision is reflected in resulting Transcripts that standalone for review or serve as foundations for minutes and reports.

The Captioners

Communiqué Captioners are virtuosos

If you consider Captioning a blend of technology and human artistry, then our Captioner’s skills, honed over decades, reflect unmatched professionalism in Live provision and in multiple languages.

While the FCC speaks to a 98.5% Accuracy rate for Live Captioning, Communiqué requires a 99.5% Accuracy, evident in both Live provision and resulting Transcripts. This unprecedented Accuracy requirement is achieved via the expertise of Communiqué Captioners and our strict adherence to the FCC’s Live Captioning Operational Best Practice for Preparation Materials… what we call “Prep”.

Learn more about FCC Compliance and its significance to our approach and your project.


Unrestrained by time or geography, TextStreaming is immediate Access

TextStreaming’s Internet delivery of RealTime text of speech and sounds is the ideal Access strategy for Webinars, Trainings, Conferences and Public Hearings. Performed by remote Captioners, Communiqués TextStreaming display provides Security, Display customizations, an HTML option for Screen Readers, a Chat option for attendee participation and gathering of attendee demographics, and a Narrator option for voicing Chat questions and comments by non-speaking TextStreaming Users.

TextStreaming may be provided for as few as one User on a laptop or an entire Audience via large screen displays. And when the project ends, a Transcript can be generated for review or dissemination.

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