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Pro Bono to Caption & Webcast Clients

Captioning Support


Captioning Support is available during all Live projects and whenever it is needed.

For new Caption Systems, Support provides consultation, installation and testing. Existing Systems are upgraded/updated, and integrated and tested for streaming launches and Video Production upgrades.

Technical Support

Gratis to Our Clients

The reason is simple. Our Clients have made a significant investment for hardware and service and an Access commitment to their various Audiences. A malfunctioning Caption System loses Captioning. A corrupted Webcast blocks critical, timely information. Each problem impacts budgets not only from lost provision but also if problem-solvers are hired.

Our Support protects budgets, adheres to FCC’s Captioning rules and preserves the integrity of All provision.

Webcast Support

Round the Clock

Webcasting undergoes continual monitoring and maintenance for peak performance with readily available support for any question or concern. Included hardware is observed and checked 24/7 and updated when needed. Malfunctioning hardware is switched out with pre-configured replacements.

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